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My name is Laura Joinville, I am a Motivational Speaker and a Business Coach. Some may still remember me as a High Net Worth Insurance Agent who insured many professional athletes, celebrities, notorious and wealthy families for the past twenty years.


As a Haitian immigrant, I understand the many questions people ask themselves about the possibility of success and personal achievements.


I've gone through a long process to discover that what I learned in college and practiced as a career, were not my own passion and my gifts. My superpowers were Speaking, Writing, and Coaching.


It took another journey to summon up the courage, close the door on a wonderful, successful career, reinvent myself, pursue my dream, and build a business around my gifts with no guarantee of success.

Fortunately, along the way, I fell in love with my new life and met a lot of influential individuals who helped me shape my calling as a Speaker and a Coach. Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi mentored me and thought me how to launch a successful course online through Project Next Mastery Program. Pete Vargas and John Maxwell trained and licensed me to become an International  Keynote Speaker and a Business Coach. Daymond John,  helped me define my own brand by teaching me Business Fundamentals Personal and Business Branding. And Finally, Grant Cardone who has been a long-term mentor, a man I deeply admire and respect instilled in me the 10X mentality which allowed me to get far out of my comfort zone to live my true purpose and add value to people.


Now, my team and I empower other entrepreneurs, through the many programs that we offer, to build massive confidence, help people discover themselves and their truth, and live a purposeful life. 


" Everything I teach, I lived."

Laura Joinville

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Mommy and Me



Always Learning, Growing, Adjusting & Thriving

As a Company, we believe that every individual comes from different walks of life. Some are single and are ready to make the most out their lives. Some are in the process of creating a family and are constantly making adjustments. Some are parents who are trying to balance work and family. Some are empty nesters who are trying to create a legacy.


We understand that life is not all black or white. We go from one stage to another at different points in our lives and unlike the one size fit all that the world seem to sell us, being different and having different priorities is perfectly normal. 


We believe, at any stage of life, one should be given the opportunity to learn and grow within an organization, to demonstrate unique talents, and be mentored so they can grow their leadership


Success is not all about money and self satisfaction.

It is about discovering ourselves and connecting with our passions, core values, and aspirations, so we can in return contribute to society in a pure, authentic,

powerful and meaningful way .

We believe that self education and self improvement are amazing vehicles which allow people to learn, grow and advance their careers. This is why we are dedicated to teaching, coaching and training others so they can become the best version of themselves.


Every Company, have their mantra, and a culture that is unique to them. Ours is FAAF (Faith Above All Fear).  As Company and a Brand, we pride ourselves in creating a strong culture of Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Influencers who aren't afraid to stand for their core values and beliefs, in a world where uncertainty, fear and confusion seem to be the norm.


We promise to always encourage, push, educate and equip you with all the tools that you will need to

achieve your goals, live your dreams and succeed.


We encourage talents, investors, contributors, mentors and any individuals who share our vision to join our culture, grow and thrive with us at every level of our journey, as we know that:

We are much stronger together.

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If you would like to partner with us, by virtue of employment, investing, mentoring, by becoming brand ambassadors, contributors, vendors, please send an email to :

info@laurajoinville.com with the following:

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  • A resume if applying for employment

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  "  "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

                              -Michael Jordan-